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Re: (TFT) GURPS combat complexity etc.

Yeah it's a fair enough point.
I'm basing that on my own experience but I've been doing some squirrelly

Okay, I'm looking at my Duchy of Dran map ITL p72 -73
A Figure with Business Sense makes experience off of profit returned from
investment in my stuff.
With results like "16- a 7-hex Dragon" on Dran's encounter tables a player
who paid for the caravan has no interest in combat encounters.
What they do have an interest in is avoiding encounters, like improving
roads for faster travel or paying bounties for 7-hex Dragon heads. (pretty
evil considering Dragon IQ).
And of course that's all a bunch of listings on the local Jobs Tables
including a bunch of Jobs for combat types.

Also I have a fractional turn "phase" system (based off Car Wars) that I've
I think of it like a slow-motion camera for a movie director, it can be an
effective tool for dramatic effect but you wouldn't want to make the whole
movie in slo-mo.
In some situations, the players must cross Orc country and expect many
encounters say, the more streamlined and quickly the combats can be
resolved the better, ergo quick combat in TFT.
I don't force players to use quick combat but allow players to opt for it
if they choose.
Detailed, blow by blow combat with Tollenkar is a different consideration
from that with a Prootwaddle.
If the result is pretty much a foregone conclusion from the start a quick
resolution is a boon.

I'm not talking about nerfing combat as some abstract call to "role-playing
instead of rules" but having the vast majority of Figure improvement rooted
in combat is easily as extreme.
When merchants get experience from income their not seeking out encounters
for improvement.
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