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Re: (TFT) Politics ramblings

I think the real key is that, while political systems involve a lot of belief, the system itself is not based on belief. One does not need to believe in (for example) the King's divine right to rule to see that the King is, in fact, ruling the country. One could even see how it works without believing its a good system.

Religion is a bit different... not believing in a religion means one does not take part in it, essentially. You don't need to believe in the king, but you still pay taxes. You don't believe in Zeus, then you don't believe in Zeus.

What complicates things is that these two get tied together so often.
On Jun 8, 2012, at 1:08 AM, Jay Carlisle wrote:

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 6:21 PM, Joey Beutel wrote:

Well my first thought would be that Treason =/= Blasphemy.

Blasphemy is when you say something going against a given faith's
fundamental ideas.

Treason is when you do something (or attempt to do something) that would
damage an entire society.

Both the religious and the political foundations are fundamentally fantasy
making both blasphemy and treason a charge of disbelief.
If I'm going to consider propaganda as a form of Illusion then it's a
logical step to consider the relations between disbelieving an Illusion and
disbelieving a piece of propaganda.
Anyone wanna tell me how a disbelief roll plays on the screen?
Describe what is happening visually?
Can I enact Nomic rules that would deem such a check blasphemous or

Even if you accept "belief in Greek Pantheon" as being the Greek
equivalent of the American "America is a free country, no matter what" the fundamental difference here is that saying "I don't believe in Zeus" would be blasphemy. Saying "I don't think America is really a free country" is not treason. In fact, saying "I don't think America is a free country no matter what" can be a form of patriotism, if used correctly... "I don't
think America is a free country unless we keep fighting, through the
political system, for our freedoms."

Oh yes... I forgot about "I drank what?"
What was the charge again?
Hummmmm, interesting.
I'll go ahead and press things until I force such an action from authority. Chances are my lack of healthcare will get me before the hemlock kicks in.

If the thing is gonna incorporate more peoples vision and ideas than my own then one fantasy system can't be assumed to be anymore valid than any other
fantasy system.
Make a crummy game-world and it goes down on its own merits but I don't want my game-system to force crummy game-worlds on others because of my
personal bias.
Some real assholes did some great mathematics.
I'm not claiming any greatness but hope for such objectivity.
Tough standard for a solo project.
See why the focus went to the political side of the coin?
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