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Re: (TFT) Politics ramblings

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Todd Archer wrote:

> Do you really believe all this?
Believe is a strong term.
This is a weird area.
If you have any influences, ideas, or <shudders> beliefs they show strongly
I'm as guilty as any there.
Were this not a total solo project I wouldn't bleed through so much but I
can only grasp a subject like this through what I think I know.
Ich weiss das Ich nicht weiss, but that's no reason not to try
A game-world says a whole bunch about its creator.
A game-system should allow for robust builds of game-worlds that the system
creator may not personally care for.
Not a very sane making view to try and hash through in public.
I'm also at a point where I'm feeling out an actual production of a
real-world product.
Demographics suggest that I may have a target audience a generation behind
me and stories of revolution against an unjust system might get a little
play here.
Lord knows they seem to have the time ahead of them.
If the thing is going to be a system then my personal views on politics
can't be the arbiter but rather a person picking it up should be able to
express their own personal crazy without influence from my own.
But to define the bat%^($ crazy I suffer under more concretely I'll say
that fundamentally I do believe that core social systems are as made up as
any other fantasy at the root.
A dollar isn't scientific, it's a story.
I'm not trying to force my version of a dollar on the system but would
prefer to be able to allow currency conceptions that meet the minimum
functions of a unit of transaction according to the GM's ideas.
And flaws in those ideas are actually interesting play opps that can
improve with playtesting.
Because of my building stuff I usually start general play in small frontier
I encourage building by providing next to no services in town.
If the players want a jail then they have to build it and their dream
concept of the perfect cell will probably have to be paired down to a point
that makes things interesting enough to paranoid them out.
Fair is to give them a cost/time/material set of choices to build with that
allow the players the rope to hang themselves with, or not, by their own
You should be able to build a response to my game-world showing better
alternatives for my silly assumptions rather than forced into my worldview.
I'm trying to get to a place that is considering all possible options not
trying to convert anybody.
It's just a weird subject.
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