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Re: (TFT) GURPS combat complexity etc.

> ok so here lets muck around a  bit more on the domain dictioanry for hero
> games..

They must have mucked with the system greatly in the last 25 years.

The system used to be so messed up that min-maxing was rampant. And there
were some definite holes to exploit. One of the odd holes I exploited was
to have a multipower with slots for each kind of movement, on the theory
that I really wasn't going to use more than 1 of them at a time. Voila.
Instant extra points.

None of which is a problem if you're playing with reasonable people. I

I ended up playing myself as a Champions character (long story there
involving Villains and Vigilantes). My character was pretty much
guaranteed to do damage to pretty much anything. Not much damage, but
some. (then again, charaacters that simply cannot be hurt in any way,
shape, or form are no fun to play against, and only fun to play if you're
a munchkin).

That ability actually came in very handy once. I hit a defense-laden
brick. He had a mental disadvantage involving taking damage. Played out
very nicely over the next serveral gaming sessions.

That character ended up with too many points, so I bought a base. You know
how old-school Champs let you pay 6 points for a location in deep space? I
spent 10 and bought my own dimension...

The speed thing also had some problems very like adjDX has in TFT (you,
know, the wizard duel problem). In one game, the PCs nearly rebelled when
a speed 2 character went off on 1 and 7 instead of 6 and 12. (has a bunch
of agents, all speed 2, all starting on random phases). But they had to
shut up because I'd put them on combat timing well before encountering any
of the agents, so they could have acted differently at any time.

So even the Hero solution doesn't work in every case.

Neil Gilmore
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