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Re: (TFT) Re: Normal Human in Champions

>From a Population standpoint normal is a punish/reward area for management
Basically the idea is that if the population is being maintained at an
above average level the "workforce" that can be drawn from the Population
also will be above average.
Of course as quick as you start cutting groups outta the herd each group
has it's average and in small enough groups average goes away.
A squad of hero's fighting squads of baddies isn't practically concerned
with the idea of average as they must deal with what's in their face
average or not.
As someone recently pointed out TFT has no set limit on statistics, though
it does suggest a "realistic" limit of around 30 for ST, and a "normal"
value for a attribute of 10.
This makes sense in a "universal" approach.
If we're allowing super-hero physics I can say I "imagine" Conan as a ST 60
Figure who possesses twice the ST of the strongest mortal man and someone
else could argue he should be at least ten times as strong as an average
man which is ST 100.
Which leads to how much stronger is Superman than Conan?
As much as anything normal's a gauge to judge progress against.
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