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(TFT) Best starting Melee character revisited

Using the latest version of my Melee simulator I get results showing that *
077:ST13;DX11;MORNINGSTAR;NO_ARMOR;SMALL_SHIELD* is superior across the
board. Not surprising you say, since many people arrived at that from
playing in the old days. However, I realized that it could be good to think
about rivalries, since "average" best isn't necessarily a character who
dominates another individual.

So, using the statistics of 5000 fights per match-up of 108 possible
starting characters, I programmed a way to display the top rivals for each
character. According to my results, the best overall character has a top
rival of *065:ST11;DX13;SPEAR;NO_ARMOR;NO_SHIELD* (my simulator allows pole
weapon users to do charge attacks on the first round). It turns out that
spear-man can kill morningstar-man roughly 3/4 times. That means the top
(overall) character is fairly weak against his rival.

If you want to see the results of the stats (including rivals) with the
newest version of the simulator, check them out at the blog entry
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