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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #295

I don't understand order point 2's "first round, regardless of whether it's a charge or not" wording. Do you just mean that a longer weapon would strike first even if the figures came together by shifting? If so, not problem, but I don't get the "first round" term, or what "or not" would refer to.

I don't like/agree on order point 3 (order by ST requirement). Different weapons are different shapes, particularly between types, which won't always match ST requirement, and the different in length is not very marked between some weapons. Example: I think cutlasses and shortswords would tend to be about the same in reach. Example: Some might argue that ax/mace weapons tend to have less reach that an equivalent TFT-ST sword... others might argue that axes are more offensive weapons than swords... bla bla bla. Example: I have several times heard students of martial arts claim that fists are outreached by knives which are outreached by nunchaku which are outreached by anything longer than a short billy club. 
   In sum, I prefer DX order to ST order, but would welcome a broader range of categories e.g. unarmed/knife, short melee, long melee, 2-hdd melee, javelin, spear, polearm, lance, pike.

I don't think damage point 1 plays out as I'd like it. It seems suspect as perhaps there to nerf halberds and poleaxes, and would result in spears doing more than halberds in charges, which seems off to me. It would change the nature of polearms, which is perhaps what you want. I think it's interesting to compare to GURPS polearms, where the halberd can be used as a longer slower spear that does no more damage thrusting, but can also be used to swing, in which case it's the heaviest swung weapon on the table, but is also very slow. So in both TFT and GURPS I'm used to halberds and pole/pike-axes being heavy-duty but somewhat clumsy weapons. Removing or reducing the charge damage would take that away.


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I'd like it if someone could tell me what's wrong with this:

For order:

1. Combat between characters who were engaged at the start of the turn
happens first. Engaged characters still use DX order.

2. "First attack" advantage happens in the first round, regardless of
whether it's a charge or not.

3. First attack advantage is in order of weapon length, so pole arms before
others and then by strength requirement of weapon, not by DX.

For damage:

1. Charge damage bonus is only given for spear-like weapons. So spear gets
x2, a halberd (which has spear- and axe-like bits) gets x1.5, naginata
(which doesn't have a point) gets x1 (and is 1+1 vice 1+2).

2. Charge damage bonus occurs if the attacker and target started the turn
at least three hexes apart.

3. No +2 for set vs. charge (it's a complicating rule and as far as I can
tell armies chose to meet at a charge anyway).
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