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(TFT) Ideas for Pirate / slaver NPC campaign

my campaign potentially has as alot of coastal adventures. There is costal
island area adjacent to this part of the campaign world. d

They have been exposed to two different groups. One is an orc based pirate
group and the other ocean going group is slavers (human). The groups have
goals independent of each other, and they are neutral with each other.

The campaign kingdom considers the slavers as hostile, and will pay capture
or kill ships. The pirates are opportunists, and considered dangerous. Not
as much dangerous because of their pirate flags but as orcs. Orcs are
dangerous and chaotic. They live 400 to 600 miles from the campaign area.
There is no Kill on sight order for Orcs, however the practice is becoming
more acceptable.

I used fire in the streets and sewers of redpoint to start of some ten.
Fire in the streets were finished. The players saved the guy. Since then,
they stopped a slaver plot and were privy to a treasure island style map as
a reward.

What would you like to do in this situation?
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