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Re: (TFT) Question to all of you

Sounds like Labyrinthine  http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/68224/labyrinthine

User summary: One player is the Evil Wizard. The Evil Wizard may arrange the sections of the gameboard, representing rooms and hallways, in any way desired. The Evil Wizard places the Princess in the last room. The player(s) representing the questing party wins the game if the Princess can escape from the Evil Wizard. The Evil Wizard player wins by destroying the questing party.
Sounds like it fits the supplied description to a 'T'


> > I am looking for a 1980's "board" game (or "hex die game", I am really not
> > sure what it should be categorized as) and I think it had the word "Maze"
> > or "Labyrinth" in the title. It consisted of 3" x 3" square sheets of a
> > grid pattern (9 squares: 3 per row, 3 per column, colored either black or
> > white--see bottom of this email for examples) that when placed next to each
> > other would create a maze. It was a 2 player game. Some squares had a T
> > shape, some an L shape, some had a corner, some had a straight line down
> > the center of the grid. See my examples at the bottom of this email of what
> > some of the 3x3 maze parts looked like.
> >
> > There were 2 teams: the Heroes, and the Evil Dungeon Owner (or Evil
> > Wizard). Each team had a set of precut playing pieces made out of small
> > square cardboard pieces, smaller than the individual squares on the maze.
> > Hero enters the maze to rescue the Princess character out of the center of
> > the maze. But all the Evil Dungeon Owner game pieces are placed face down
> > in the maze after the Dungeon Owner has created a maze layout (using most
> > or all of the 50 or so 3" squares). The Princess' location is not known
> > until someone of the hero's team stumbles upon the room where the princess
> > is kept.
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