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Re: (TFT) Hello

> > Someone keeps renewing that confusion spell on the mail server...
> >
> > CONFUSION (T): Subtracts 2 from victim's IQ for every 1 ST the wizard
> uses
> > to throw spell. Lasts 3 turns. A figure whose IQ is reduced by a
> Confusion
> > spell cannot use high-IQ spells while 'confused' to a level lower than
> the
> > IQ required for the spell, but CAN re-energize spells already cast.
> No kidding.
> I think this have something to do with the content of the message and
> possibly
> the way I strip out HTML formatting and attachments, and possibly the mail
> program used.
> This stuff drives me nuts!

Aaaaaaah HA!

It's NOT just me.

My little Franken-Dell of a desktop has been quite illuminating over her
first year of operation and I've messed around with enough of the modern
environment to feel I've gotten much of my "power user" chops back... with
a pretty decent box to push as well, but on the flip side of all of this I
managed to pick up a couple of what I term viruses, although apparently my
personal assessment could be argued by redefining the term virus to mean
"service" and getting a known name to tack-on such code to something else.
I don't need ANY toolbars on my browser thank you no. But these days
"decline" buttons and unchecked boxes don't actually do anything anymore it
seems... not too mention that the two I picked up (doubling my total number
of viruses picked up over my computing life before this I might add too
what I'm not mentioning here) came from M$ and Adobe... as a matter of fact
all my major headaches have been from "reputable" companies whilst I've
played catch-up. Stuff like Steam telling me the technical issue I'm having
is with the Nero software that came with my machine, and the fix is to
ditch Nero (no great loss Nero, but that's hardly a "solution" to a steam
bug) Seatec Astronomy isn't supposed to be SO thumb-fingered but there it
is. Heck, Adobe fed me a trojan AFTER I licensed up w/them for goodness
sake. And yes Virginia, there is progress... I'm all in on the licenses,
fees, and equipment necessary to do some small scale production stuff by
the end of the year? We'll have to see how the juggling act manages to go
but the concerns have moved from conceptual things like how to handle
disease in gameterms to more practical issues such as weather or not to
divert the monies for the copies of this "Pathfinder" rpg system all the
kids are talking up these days to the very good sale price on a 3d printer
setup I believe I can make some use of. There have been few surprises
playing catch up to the state of the art in games, especially computer
games, (I suspect a strange correspondence twixt the proliferation of
browser toolbars and the number of Unreal shooters) but the surprises have
been really really good stuff... like Paradox. I've discovered I'm a
European trapped in an american body. I used to try saying I had strong
European tendencies but I'm even backward Pole in notation... escargot's
why fight it though. If the place is so crowded that folks are eating
mollusks I'm not sure I even wanna visit. If Penny Lane said "It's all
happening" I guess that makes me Rubber Soul... and cock an ear across the
pond if you haven't done so lately. Their kicking our butts musically again
while we seem to be concerned with... kangaroo labels. Oh, the joey.
Anyhoo, I discovered a fantastic method for getting that Pan Galatic
Gargleblaster treatmen without the 55 pounds or so of metal. Purchase all
the Paradox "grand strategy" titles in the same month and jump in... It's
yealded some results but the first try at using HoI3 to run the war in a
GURPS WWII campaign ended in utter disaster owing to a failure on the part
of yours truly to get any kind of handle on supply and subsequent utter, in
toto, micromanaged even defeats and resulting masticatorsizement of me
nether bits land-wise offered the wrong kind of backdrop for the war but
with my 3d printer coming Monday I might just crank up the war again for a
round 2... (guess I'll have to wait to see if Pathfinder has any substance
to it... too many ideas for the printer to risk against putting a system
sight unseen to hand instead)
Oh well... at least it wasn't that flash trojan outta what passes for a
contact list trying to do the Typhoid Mary bit.
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