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(TFT) Hello

     Hi Everyone,

       My name is Edward and I am a TFT addict who has no wish to recover.  I
started playing TFT when I was 10 (1980) and have been aquiring things as I
have gone along until the mid 90's I had the 8 microquests and ITL, Melee, AM,
Wizard, AW and TL.  After that in 2000ish I picked up the Underearth stuff and
the two supplements Dihad and Darok plus a few of the magazines TSG and
Dungeoneer that had articles.

       In the last 6 months I have picked up every issue of TSG except 6 (if
anyone can tell me why it is so hard to find and where I could score a copy I
would appreciate it) and Interplay as well.  I would love to find the
Vindicator, Inept Adept and Goblin Keep stuff as well, but I am given to
understand that those are tough to come by.

       Anyway I have been reading the threads I am still back near Y2K and
enjoyed seeing the input.  I should also mention I have a few of the Dark City
Games quests that George Dew has put out, if anyone knows if there are more
quests (I play them solo first and then GM for my son) I would appreciate it.
I look forward to interacting with the group.


     Edward Kroeten
       Farmers Agent
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