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Re: (TFT) Hello

Same here.  Family life has intervened, but I got started in TFT around the
same time, and felt the same connection.  For me, it was also a connection
to all the metagaming microgames - I love Ogre!  Decision Games/Excalibre
Games had some good new old stock, although they seem to have a bit less


It sounds like you may have everything relevant to your quest that's
available there...

TSG 6 is the one where they went bi-monthly, according to BGG.  Is that

Anyway, welcome!

On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 1:25 AM, Edward Kroeten <ekroeten@farmersagent.com>wrote:

>      Hi Everyone,
>        My name is Edward and I am a TFT addict who has no wish to recover.
>  I
> started playing TFT when I was 10 (1980) and have been aquiring things as I
> have gone along until the mid 90's I had the 8 microquests and ITL, Melee,
> AM,
> Wizard, AW and TL.  After that in 2000ish I picked up the Underearth stuff
> and
> the two supplements Dihad and Darok plus a few of the magazines TSG and
> Dungeoneer that had articles.
>        In the last 6 months I have picked up every issue of TSG except 6
> (if
> anyone can tell me why it is so hard to find and where I could score a
> copy I
> would appreciate it) and Interplay as well.  I would love to find the
> Vindicator, Inept Adept and Goblin Keep stuff as well, but I am given to
> understand that those are tough to come by.
>        Anyway I have been reading the threads I am still back near Y2K and
> enjoyed seeing the input.  I should also mention I have a few of the Dark
> City
> Games quests that George Dew has put out, if anyone knows if there are more
> quests (I play them solo first and then GM for my son) I would appreciate
> it.
> I look forward to interacting with the group.
>        Edward
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