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Re: (TFT) Not TFT but...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKmqRqY0RLg   the setup starts at minute
14... Ney confronts the little Corsican aaannnda... makes his reaction
roll... ever since that bridge in Italy... total war isn't brilliance you
know... but I like little things hitting each other as well... 6,307,200ish
Melee turns per year... but much of that is taken up by "schedule" like
sleep... technology plays a big role... it takes an Orb Quest to get
something that might give you a "campaign map" view of things in the
heroquest idiom of doing such things... I find running a set of games
effective... TFT is my POV goto... quick and simple but expandable, and
customizable w/balance... I know what roles are the major players and how
those are represented in each game so depending on what I'm focusing on
genera-wise and what's at risk I'd have something to go on in the "what
happens" department... I tend to like to try and avoid hinging such all or
nothing on a die roll calls but my guess is that Napoleon is a PC here and
is the one pushing the check... all in so to speak, a risk/reward aspect I
favor in play options for the most part... which makes me wonder... in
figuring probabilities for that 14-sided, oops I taught craps too well,
period would I be on the right track in thinking that the ratio between the
surface areas of the two diferently shaped sides is gonna point to a sound
solution or am I still in conceptual lala land outside the Lycaeum here?

So here's the burning question:
> What happens when you roll a critical failure in diplomacy?
> - Meg
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