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Re: (TFT) New creature - Night Crawlers

I'm an adult and in college. Trust me, whatever you were going to say, I've heard worse. And probably wouldn't have taken offense at it, since jokes about women are either funny because they're true, or funny because they're so wildly off-the-mark (those often provide good semi-straight lines for another witty rejoinder). Plus, I wouldn't want anyone's style cramped on my account.

- Meg Tapley

On 6/12/13 8:40 AM, Mark Tapley wrote:
At 21:16 -0400 6/11/13, Edward wrote:
Question: Why does the female have a higher IQ?

This is *such* a good straight line.

However, since my daughter is on this list, I'm going to refrain from answering at all....
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