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Re: (TFT) New creature - Night Crawlers

Style cramped? There's a joke in there somewhere but I'm not going near
it... period. Plus, a gamer is a gamer... I treat everybody like people, I
just treat the really BIG one's a lot more demonstratively than I do the
folks my own size... or the ones I have cause to suspect know what they are
doing. Ya know, people are just plain DANGEROUS! However, it's the one who
manages to juggle the danger what reaps historical rewards. Speed me
Droogies think SPEED!
*It is by will alone* I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of sapho
that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a
warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
Uhhhh, I shouldn't be quoting THAT guy from HERE... what in the hell kindda
notion was THAT?!? Too much... magic or no, tis a short bus t'will be
pickin the likes o' ME up now don't ya know it?
I'm far too Earthbound to ever soar to the Icariain touched imaginative
heights of true visionary creation... I didn't require any Incredible
Journey or some Hero's Quest to put the night night's on ol' HAL up
there... I still have the greatest enthusiasm for the game... careful with
that axe Eugene. One of these days... unless those three impossible things
before breakfast could be counted against tomorrows breakfast in which
case... hummmm, I think I'd be done with that one then. Why do it all in a
day? Especially in the realms of masters and experts the concept of time
can become quite disjointed and the idea of a turn in a contest between
great masters, as well as learned experts in the methods and materials they
match each other with, can take on somewhat "relative" properties for the
observers, the twin that stayed home, and the contestants, who's focus
and transcendence from knowing to being a Talent or Team-member matched by
the same "feels" like a "5 second turn" in the midst of "Action's" while
our audience may witness minutes or more for said "turn".
That focus pushed to the limits of fine motor control is generally
"athletic" in nature, the realm of the Hero and muscle memory like concepts
of training and regime leading to the state of mastery that sees no
seperation between the thought and the action, while pushing that focus out
into larger, slower scales of action and effect is "academic" in the main,
the domain of the Wizard who's abilities to "see" just as quickly as the
quickest athlete might spot the fastball that thousandth of a second that
makes the difference twixt hit or wiff are applied across his own
structured schedule to the active research and production projects that
benefit in reduced time and increased skill applied to their tasks. As Jack
Burton advises, never drive faster than you can see. He DID have REALLY
good reflexes though.

Soooo, the rule of thumb in nature is Ladies are large and in charge more
or less... this is flipped (pigment too). No huhu or worries, just
curious... method or just madness?
I use a superimposed hex/square grid that allows movement via both cells,
hex and/or square, as well as vertices and then non-tied measures like
straight-edge, flexible tape and yada yada depending on what's moving and
how on the POV Melee and small unit RTSish skirmish scales but at the City
builder layer on up cells serve as units of area that have "production" of
resources many of which are suitable for fauna other than human and I use
some dynamics from Conway's Life as expanded via Wolfram to represent
animal population ebbs and flows, or ebbs if/when development subsumes
cells, developed cells can be overrun from lack of maintenance over the
course of a year. Noticing the patterns of olive tree growth such than one
may derive the resulting crop size fairly accurately via blossom and
foliage indications is as hard a "see" as any 100+ mph baseball burning
down less than 100 ft of distance atchya...
Just generally women make us sooooo you throw the hang lows out on anything
where there's the, some monkeys won't make it, factor involved... although
industrialization went a long way in rendering such missives moot as wealth
now comes from the machine not the man... John Henry herold'd the last
hurrah, and not verse one of Camptown Ladies dagnabbit not to mention nary
a chorus one by Jimminy.
So what do they eat?
Tribal? Solitary? Vagabond males while the females stick in matriarchal
groups of a few generations or so? Or something else entirely?
My Zombies are infected with a mould-like meta, or hive mind entity that
acts very similar to fungal blooms and a resulting Lemming-like
over-population that gives me waves of infection spreading in a confusing
crisscross if more than one bloom is in effect and resulting in roving
hordes moving slime mould-like in search of sustainance. A satisfying
sweetmeat chemically scented so suculent are such snacks to the, in essence
Fairy Ring of mushroom spores what have carjacked the minds "ride" and
repurposed it for the "war" effort.
You may think I'm crazy but I'm not... I'm colourful. Bingo!

So poseable Figures SOOOOOOOO work, even if just as sections that "stack"
up a central core allowing noclip-like strafing styled runs and similar
MMORPG and FPS inspired maneuvers as well as mimicking more realistic
motions from formal competition like a american football receiver turning
to look back to the QB & ball when hitting the hot section of his route
practice timing says is the most likely moments for the QB to use your
option but the position can be quite awkward for speed running as well as a
tell if read well...

Anyone remember a 80's underdog studio FTL? 3 Titles, all GREATNESS?
Amazon's (starting to think Amazon should do the Nations driving for 'em
and let folks go back to horses or homemade hoffin as oil=food but THAT'S
another story and "I'M" no good model for Joe Average ceptin in some
measures of body type....) got a Indie 5 buck Title called FTL. It's Sun
Dog sans all but the starship combat.
Drop the Frozen Legacy into Sword of the Stars universe and... well I doubt
mortals make it so but it'd be a nice run for the race if'n we managed it.
But that's just a uni... one "brain" amongst layers sometimes so fine they
escape notice... till found, like the newly discovered "body part"
announced this week... no huhu, which

Just to be clear on mudding thing's up... "it happens when it happens" just
sounds soooooo... doable. Ask X-Com creators. A tabletop gaming group ain't
no FPS "clan" (although the funds I blew on Digital snagged some guilty
pleasures... I'm way too good with a SMG in Borderlands for some reason,
and Dead Island is eating way too much of what meger brains I got's left's,
and the poor thing being beaten w/Paradox all day... but all turns do sync,
ESPECIALLY as schedules are so quickly flipped from maintaining to
deteriorating... fields, fitness, forethought, fancy, family... all so
fastidiously fixed upon the fleeting fairytale of the future fortune and
faith foretells as forecomming foreknowledge, forsoothly fain to falsidically
flagulate their fellows famicidical falsehoods in favor of Fagan's
forked-tongued fable over facts foreshadowing a fouler fate are
flouted falsidically
by fanfron's as facinorous falsity's feveraintly, for the fossiarianly
fickel with a foot in both fortalice's from fretting of finding finality
forces folly and facing failure as fates fool, or flat-out fanatical f*$#^
quite frankly, fermenting facinorous and frekless fractionalistic flype
from the fasti's forel, as fictor forming fates fictile medium in
figurations factive of ferreting feuilletons from the fasti foliaceously
forming fasces featous of fiduciary ferule and fetial to fuero foliophagous
fielity formates forswink.
Frekin freak...

Can I move?
I'm better when I can move...
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