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Re: (TFT) I need bugbear stats if you dont mind. please send. Thanks

One could generalize that most mythological descriptions full of exaggerations... but they are myths, in whatever way you take that, rather than game reference materials. The style of D&D descriptions seems to usually have a certain style, which is different both from mythology, and from some other game styles such as, say, TFT. TFT species descriptions, it seems to me, tend to be more literal and backed up with game stats that match the descriptions, and those abilities relate to each other in a way that I find much easier to handle and relate to than D&D descriptions. When I read a D&D monster manual, I quickly get overwhelmed by several things: the sheer numbers of various races, how common strong and fantastic abilities and traits are mentioned, and the lack of game mechanics that match the descriptions, overshadowed by the game mechanic of power levels, armor classes and hit dice.

Bugbears in D&D seem to really be a D&D invention, which happen to use a name from mythology. They're more like goblin-bear thingies in D&D.

--- joel.siragher@gmail.com wrote:

i go with the dnd descriptions.

i was pondering the mean of exaggerated far out traits.

arent most mythological descriptions full of exaggerations?

I had never heard of bug bears before dnd. I had assumed they were a
literary treatment of some myth.

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