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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

I dislike the assumption that there's a shield. There often isn't, so
trying to incorporate that into damage stats is flawed. Besides, there's
already a sheidl mechanic (takes off more damage).

And I understand the idea that the sword is the baseline, but I disagree
that the axe would have the most variability. It's a lot easier to get a
sword to do no damage than an axe. That edge has to be perpendicular when
it hits or it skips off most things. The axe is closer to the club in that
respect. The thought experiment is to think of hitting with the back of an
axe. Then you have what amounts to a weighted club. When you hit with the
edge, you still have a weighted club. It just has an edge now.

I'm also not sure how this deals with your idea of differing armour, but I
may have missed something.

Neil Gilmore
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