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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

An interesting approach. Seems like you are off by a half-point on the averages in some cases. 

Are you upping the strength of armor too?

I don't really like the predictability or the high minimum damage of the crushing weapons, especially against lightly-armored targets. Maybe use D4's instead?

Avg. 4: 2d4-1
Avg. 5: 2d4
Avg. 6: 2d4+1

Also why not use a d20 for the heavier axe hits?

Seems to me though that the real-life situation was that one-handed blades couldn't cut through the heavier armor very well at all, while edged weapons were better against lighter armor. I don't think this system will provide that unless you up the armor so chain stops more like 6, and then your blunt weapons don't really help since it's the higher max damage you'd want. And without armor, the weapons all average the same except you can be sure of killing someone unarmored in a certain number of blows with the flat-curve weapons, and have less predictable damage with the others. With armor at typical non-magical TFT values, the hammers aren't really any better in this system - just more predictable, and when the armor gets heavier, the swords and axes will be better because they at least will have some chance to get through higher damage.

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