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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

At 15:33 -0400 8/7/13, TFT Digest wrote:
Battle Axe 1D12+1 (we've reached the end of our Polyhedral dice progression...

... and start having to add a constant, thus warping that weapon back toward club status.

Alternately, you might try:

1d6 * 2 (roll one 6-sided polyhedra, multiply by two) or
1d4 * 3 (roll one 4-sided polyhedra, multiply by 3)

That still allows the uniform distribution of hit probabilities, it just leaves out odd numbers (first case) or non-multiples of three (second case). Add or subtract integers to slide the average hit value up or down as desired. Extends to 1d8 * 2, etc.

One other possibility is: 1d4 * 4 + 1d4 (roll two d4; multiply the white one by 4, add the red one). That gives you equal probability distribution, but over values running from 5 to 20, so there's still some minimum damage, which I think is the effect you are trying to escape for this weapon. As above, add or subtract to slide the average value to where you want it (but don't subtract too much, or you will have invented the mythical healing spell) :-) .

1d4 * 4 + 1d4 - 4 : min damage 1, max damage 16, all numbers equally likely.

But it's a lot of math, especially when you start subtracting for armor, etc afterward.
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