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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

The shot that was common when I did epee was to bach your foible down on
the bell as hard as you could. The tip would bend over and with just a
little push you'd catch their forearm in a sort of a scrape. Never liked
that one much. I retaliated by learning some bent-wrist stuff that took my
forearm out of the way while keeping my point on line.

Neil Gilmore

> My issue with epee is that it seemed like "cheap" hits (hits that don't
> seem very likely to do much in real life) seemed somewhat dominant... the
> jumping forward and tapping the guy's foot while using the sword like a
> whip... its fine for sport, I don't "dislike" it, but from a more martial
> arts stand point it seemed a bit silly.
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