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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

Remember that Bruce Lee got a lot of inspiration from fencing. And that
brings up another thing. Just because (as I said before) sport rules tend
to modify technique to suit doesn't mean that the experts couldn't perform
well regardless of rules.

There was a case involving the SCA where a person whose lineage was a
particular version of Hungarian sabre kept deriding SCA technique. Until
he actually did it, and found out that the guys at the top would be good
regardless of the particular rules. Also note that the USA SCA guys making
up the USA BOTN team did very well in the singles competitions using a
ruleset they had very little actual experience with.

Those sorts of things are partly why (along with simplicity) I don't have
so much trouble with the 'DX for everything' of TFT.

Neil Gilmore

> But at the same point if these guys got in to a real duel they are pretty
> good
> at picking up the blade (parrying or binding it)and driving the point into
> you.  As a sabre fencer and having done other martial arts I found that
> the
> fencing really did help me not only with timing and distance, but with
> making
> a parry my opponent didn't think I would get to.
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