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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

> Yup, also I've always noted to people who complain that DX applies to all
> weapons (even missile vs. non missile) that really the rules are pretty
> clear... if you don't have the throwing talent your ability to throw is
> very poor, even with a pretty high DX, compared to someone trained to
> throw with a more average DX, and for archers just having the Bow talent
> makes you much more competent... but to get anywhere near the level that a
> true archer is expected, missile weapons is a big bonus that is cheaper
> than more and more DX increases.

Well, not quite. AdjDX tops out at 15. So the only thing Thrown Weapons
gets you (I'm at work here, so going by memory) is the ability to ready
and throw in the same turn -- if you have the DX. The lack of a weapon
talent is something like -4 IIRC. So if you have a 20 DX, it's not a
problem at all.

Now, in the case of a weapon Talent, it's 4 DX vs. 2 IQ, so it's a win on
points. But for Thrown weapons, that's 3DX vs 2 IQ, and you get to use the
3DX everywhere (and you do with a weapon Talent, too). Missle Weapons is
more odd, but at shorter ranges you can overcome the disadvantage with
more DX.

Part of this is that TFT does have scaling problems. And part of it is
that people who have high DX are pretty good at just about anything
requiring dexterity.

> My main issue with TFT combat (and its a relatively small issue) is that
> it tends to just be two guys whacking each other until they die.... fine
> for most purposes but for a real "duel" you want the feel of parrying and
> dodges and footwork.

Well, that's somewhat true if you only have 2 figures duking it out. TFT
is much better at small group combat. Still, most (real, and I'm not
talking sport) combats I've been in reduce to the guy who gets the first
move wins if he doesn't screw up, or the other guy wins if HE doesn't
screw up. TFT does model that pretty well, except that it's not all DX,
sometimes it's more like initiative. So the 2 figure case doesn't bother
me much.

I guess my old rules for varying damage rolls and to-hit rolls might work
for duels.

Neil Gilmore
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