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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

I don't know on point 2 there DX is how coordinated a person is, so a person
who doesn't have a talent looks less skilled than Joe with sword talent.  Your
point that some people are really good at somethings and horrible at others
might just mean they have a specific talent.  Michael Jordan obviously has a
great DX but also has Basketball talent V so when he went to play baseball he
was still better than most everyone else (he was mid minor leagues which puts
him roughly in the top .01% of baseball player vs population), but not great.
Same thing for golf he is a very good player not great.  I am will to bet that
if he had tried to play tennis he also would have been very good just because
his DX is so high.

 On the flip side you may have someone who is so specialized in a field where
the DX may be slightly above average but through hard work (Kirby Puckett for
example) they are exceptional, but Kirby could not hit a golf ball to save his
live (he told me so and Kent Hrbek agreed).  Kirby probably had Baseball V and
running talent plus Charisma and a few other things.  But his overall DX might
have been 13-14 range or less.

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     Hmm, it seems to me that:

       1) In TFT, it is often useful to have AdjDX over 15, because of any
circumstances that require something harder than 3/DX rolls with no modifiers.
Like, getting to attack before someone with lower DX. Or, hitting them in the
head or hand rather than the body. Or, fighting at night, or on bad ground, or
while suffering spell effects, or whatever, or maybe you'd like to wear more
armor, or maybe your opponent defends, or has a Blur spell on them, or maybe
you want to throw that knife more than 1 hex away. Etc...

       2) In reality, there are people who are really good at something, but
not particularly good at everything else. If you don't care and don't want
that level of detail, fine. But don't try to claim that it matches reality to
have everyone who is great at a few things, be equally great at everything
else. It's ok to play TFT and not care that DX is a blanket ability level. I
did it for many years, and could do it again, but it's also ok to play games
with more detail.

       But yes, TFT does have some scaling problems for high-point-total
characters, unless you add house rules to mitigste that.


       --- raito@raito.com wrote:


       Well, not quite. AdjDX tops out at 15. So the only thing Thrown
       gets you (I'm at work here, so going by memory) is the ability to
       and throw in the same turn -- if you have the DX. The lack of a weapon
       talent is something like -4 IIRC. So if you have a 20 DX, it's not a
       problem at all.

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