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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

Sure. I seems to me it's a question of detail, or grain.

In basic Melee/Wizard, there is only your DX and whether you are a Wizard or Hero(tm) to say how good you are.

In ITL, there are talents, and for some talents there are one or more advanced levels, or not.

In GURPS, there are skills which you can use points sometimes in increments about 1/40th the amount it takes to raise an attribute, which one can look at as just a more detailed & different version of the ITL system. GURPS also has advantages which can represent innate aptitude or special experience, which gets thrown in as more modifiers or special effects. E.g. Innate Musical Aptitude can raise all your effective musical skills on top of what your skills and attributes would give you, while Combat Reflexes in something that can be picked up from combat experience, and improves your rolls for defenses or responding to surprise attacks. There are also some innate ineptitude disadvantages you can take for negative cost, such as Dyslexia, Tone Deaf, Accident Prone, Gullibility, Klutz, Innumerate or Ham-Fisted.

It seems to me these are all sort of the same basic system, with different levels of detail.


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I don't know on point 2 there DX is how coordinated a person is, so a person
who doesn't have a talent looks less skilled than Joe with sword talent.  Your
point that some people are really good at somethings and horrible at others
might just mean they have a specific talent.  Michael Jordan ...
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