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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

We all play the same system (modulo house rules). That doesn't mean we all
play the same game.

After the first year or so, my players changed how they played, precisely
because combat is deadly. They would do nearly anything to avoid it. And
if they had to do it, they stacked the odds in their favor as much as
possible. Much as one might do in real life. Lots of ambush, surprise,
escape routes, missle weapons (and spells, screw the dueling rules),
proxies, dupes, fall guys, deniability, etc.

As for characters with very high stats, most were NPCs. They were the NPCs
who, before the campaign started managed to scape together enough temporal
power to be able to get Youth potions. They're effectively unaging. And
the Jobs table gives you a roll every week and a chance to get just enough
XP to gain an attribute point. And once your ST is high enough, you won't
die from a blown roll. Those guys (who really do nearly rule the world, or
at least a lot of it where the players were based) are pretty close to
invulnerable. It's what happens when the rules are set up the way they are
in TFT.

Towards the end, the players started figuring out a few things about their
world, and even got cloe to wanting to try to figure out how some people
could stay in power for centuries. They never got that far themselves,

Neil Gilmore

> Hmm I sometimes wonder if all of us play the same game. TFT combat is
> extremely deadly and most the time I ran it a players character was very
> lucky to survive to the end of a multi session scenario. It did happen
> though, which gave the scenario consistency. And those characters became
> very memorable characters in all players eyes. But most characters were
> fodder. Because of that I rarely saw anyone gain enough experience to
> really advance.
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