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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

" I find the discussion of characters with DX and ST and IQ in the 20s
kinda silly, always, because I've never gotten there naturally."

That all depends on what you mean by 20pts of a stat... I consider the
30ish top to be at possible world record performance levels however...
I consider Talents to represent technique and training that serve to modify
raw ability. A Figure lacking Talent generally isn't able to do much beyond
attempting simple, basic success checks at full speed (4d6 check). Talented
Figures can roll as many dice as they choose for a check with additional
dice able to increase specificity of the result of a successful check,
cover a die of an opposing check to replace it with the result of an extra
die (or one played on their own result), Or other effects the Talent in
question may suggest.
I make pretty extensive use of schedules and Figures must train to maintain
statistical abilities at high levels. A 30,30,30 is not a Figure that gets
out much. Not that any Figure is likely to reach old age if all they do is
fight. I let Players establish families and play their bloodlines, not only
allowing more flexibility for non-combat focuses but allowing for a half
dozen "Trips" for Jen then a comfortable retirement type options for
Figures that can have advantages for the Player in the long term for which
I use an overall dynamic of progress goals for different eras that allow
and open ended sandbox campaign to run from the Neolithic up through
Traveller and beyond (a number of divergences from the main-line possible
such as runs at apotheosis) with a progress failure resulting in a post
apocalyptic period setback (worst cases can destroy the humanoid races or
even the world) before progress resumes.
Political Figures assign Charters (Units/Cities), organize Population, and
participate in making Laws (Nomic) and policy etc, Economic Figures
explore, conduct trade missions, create and maintain transportation
infrastructure, and manage currency, etc, and Social Figures provide
Leadership, conduct research into future advancement, create invention and
art that affect the society as a whole, and help set the overall alignment
of a society.
With a little foresight conditions can be setup such that play can be
conducted using only the rules and resources given allowing solo play, GM
participation as a party Figure along with the group, flexibility toward
pbm style turns from Players not present for a given session and etc.
Found out yet another subconscious ripoff I've managed to pull by the by as
Lords of Creation apparently had a goal of Players assuming a GM mantle
with advancement... I think I'm going to have to amplify god play however
as a kind of hook for attention. Idk... Jay does not translate well.
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