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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

That's a exp bonus to Mr K for the reference to Mr Rathbone, accounted by
many the best swordsman of his era in Hollywood. I was a scrub just into
gaming when the Richard Lester Musketeers were in theaters... I left more
charged up than even Star Wars (or the Lester saved Superman II "Kneel
before Zod!")
Hobb's great choreography is my personal fav owing to those flicks and then
there's stuff like The Duelist that's just.... it.
But that takes nothing away from these awsome black and white era... VERY
FEW TAKES scenes and the skill demonstrated. I feel sometimes Hobb's throws
in a kitchen sink or two. He gets a pass from lil ole me who's "fencing"
experience centers on beating on each other with bamboo katana with foam
pipe insulation duct taped on. No legs and one arm on the ground "Why
{thwap} Won't {thunk} You {thwappt} DIE? {thwack}"
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