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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

"The guys who had played before basically looked liked peasants with axes,
maces, and the like, next to them."

I actually have a much easier time with new Players these days, mostly
cause beggar me can't (and won't) be choosy out in BFE and so I've had to
adapt somewhat but I've always been a bit out of the box as a player as
well and have had it pay off in unexpected ways. The session my Pendragon
knight vowed to ride naked for a day and ended up encountering a Giant, big
one too 40ft or something. It turns out I was able to dart about very
quickly without full plate and commenced climbing the big fella and
providing distracting stings while the rest of the party clambered out of
their plate. It can really be a breath of fresh air to see other approaches
but I guess we're getting to be old dogs a bit... but then again the kids
these days don't know what a table top is I think. Hello munchkin who
wrecked my Civ V, I'm looking in your direction... change it and make it my
own my sweet bippy brat. Civ is all of ours and you maybe ought to play a
wargame before trying to cram one onto a scale system that, while abstract,
is not so abstract that my suspension of disbelief isn't wrecked by archers
firing across the english channel (protestent winds breaking foul) or from
the east side to the west over a city. Ever hear of Titan? It's a pretty
thing I admit and should be as I looked into a few of the programs that
netted the dead sheep that certified this rash of wrecked franchises and it
amounts to an Art degree with some management mess on top... nothing wrong
with Art but it's fairly impotent after first blush without substance to
support it and management techniques ain't it. Here's an offering that
shows what I mean about lack of exp at table
The problem here is going too far. Rather than allow some of the strengths
of the table to be applied to play the whole thing is on machine oblivating
the need to all be present at the table except for the awkward requirement
to move on the tablet only... no advantage at all... just annoying.
Computers have advantages of their own but often these are ignored in favor
of poor imitations of real-world components. Dice are a special subject
here but even the cheep plastic poker chips feel better when raking in a
big pot than electronic bells and whistles... are any e-dice any good? I've
yet to see fairy dice however.
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