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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

>From Jays 1500 words responding to the question "Do you take your tablet
with you when you leave the house... picked up well into it. Ranting about
Kaye about halfway down... just watched The Court Jester... is Angela
Landsbury getting cast in roles retroactively?

This point is SO much easier to make in person with a quick, simple
demonstration of the fact but I've only got henpecking my less than
competent english communication "skillz" at you to get it across in
this medium so here it goes... In the service physical training went
hand in hand with military discipline and for a myriad of reasons
exercise was often ordered as "punishment" for improper procedures or
similar mistakes and it wasn't all simply drop and do push ups. A
particular nemesis of mine, second only to the dreaded leg lifts, was
to take your arms and hold them out in front of you parallel to the
ground and maintain that position. Did I get the idea across? Have you
tried it? I KNOW HUH!? Not long at all, ESPECIALLY compared to what
you THINK you can do if you've not experienced the muscle fatigue
level of physical training of your physical abilities before and there
is a surprisingly large group of people (at least here in the u.s.)
that haven't experienced this and it comes across in some odd ways
like a magnification visor used for detailed electronics and hobby
work I purchased off of Amazon that had a number of reviews
complaining about the red ring it left around their forehead and how
it made their head ache after wearing it a few minutes. I wonder what
a person who does a lot of welding for one example of a job using
something similar routinely would think about such complaints? From my
limited experience with not throwing money at haircuts I have a hunch
our fairer expressions on this planet have an idea of sore scalp from
a given hairstyle like the very thin elastic headbands which do the
same thing to me for a few days if I haven't used them in some while.
Callous builds over time and you toughen up... or complain about it
until, what? Give them a pill? So anyway, it may seem like Angels
dancing on the head of a pin silly from the outside but not only is it
hard to call the example pointless, it's worthwhile to consider that
the dance in question was being preformed by a choir in the priory
known as the principalities just a rung or two down from the big abbot
what runs the joint and the choir as a body was the divine "authority"
that determined stuff like a kings "right" to rule... Danny Kaye
flashing a infant's fanny at the court kindda sums up the business but
the more trivial a social custom seems the more dangerous is the maxim
I use when rubbing the blue mud in my belly button Tuesday mornings.
Because doesn't enter into it. "We found a witch may we burn 'er?" is
a social slime mould that doesn't grok rational, not individual people
in such circumstance and people are completely and totally NOT people
and we are not all mostly the same as a gestalt. Taken as a whole
there are a few major sub groupings that have some striking
differences each sub group itself subdivided is the loose idea and you
end up talking about type-A personalities and so on with the axiom
given under the current "shinny, happy people" model that these
differences are sub-traits of our overall shared... well shinny, happy
peopleness I suppose but what if the axiom was turned a bit so that
the assumption is that we all started out Mama Eve and Papa Adam style
as the shinny, happy people and we've fallen away from that in the way
"Stop touching me!" and "That's the line" between sybiling's is
indicative of a relationship with nothing in common but an accident of
birth and the social obligations of family. It happens and the theory
here is that it happens because we've fractured into subsets such that
large segments of the population for all practical intents and
purposes are aliens extraterestially speaking and can not be expected
to act, think, or behave after the fashion to which you've become
accustom. The whole reality trip is a different ride for them, they're
in line for the roller coaster, we're in line for It's a Small World
(starring Jonny Deep summer 2017?) The shinny, happy people theory has
us all in line for disney world... or land, I always mix those up...
uhhhhh, oops. I've made a screed on your comment. I'm so sorry, I've
had an upset spirit for quite sometime now and some of the rhetoric I
have to swallow these days simplly doesn't settle well on my soul...
I've gotta do something about my diet but you go to the store and
there's nothing but this processed propaganda and I just don't have
time to starve, I'm late as it is and never should have started this
in the first place because I keep expectorating myself like this and
the pause certainly won't help me get any closer to the sun. Gotta
run. Goodbye.
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