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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

> > That weekly roll is enough for one additional attribute or 1000 EP
> > whichever
> > is less according to the spacegamer 29 Steve Jackson's Designers Notes
> and
> > Errata page 11.  So that keeps the silliness and system gaming down to a
> > minimum.
> Only if you had access to the errata.
> Neil Gilmore

GOOD POINT! There was quite a bit of gaming to get out there those days
with arcades and early software in the mix as well and mag subscripts just
weren't in consideration for me. I read a lot but not my copies and I've
been me since then so there's not much left but some hazy memories of
oddness... a Dragon adventure with Boy Scouts in a haunted house... a few
new Snits maybe... idk, The General was more my speed then than the RPG
stuff and SJ mags were tough gets for some reason in the circles I circled.
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