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Re: (TFT) Simplified experience.

> The Fantasy Trip: In The Lybraith series was going to be Metagamings
> answer to D&D by providing the DM materials to move Melee/Wizard toons
> from one-use to multi-use characters.  I believed that Howard Thompson,
> Metagaming's owner was unhappy with the work Steve Jackson had done on
> TFT:ITL which result in Steve leaving Metagaming.  TFT:ITL was as "not
> fully fleshed out" as Steve wanted but was more than Thompson wanted.
> Thus Steve finished his fleshing and thus GURPS was born.  I would say
> that basically Steve's expanded vision of TFT:ITL's grand design was

If that were true, there would have been no reason for Jackson to pursue
purchasing back the rights to TFT. I think it's more fair to say that
GURPS was designed to not interfere with the TFT copyrights.

Neil Gilmore
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