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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

While that's funny, it didn't require calculus, just a little algebra.

And partly, it was not the job rolls driving the world, but the other way

I'd already figured out what the current situation was, I just needed to
figure out how it had gotten there. My ultimate goal was for the players
to figure out how it all happened so they could do it themselves.

For those who are new, my campaign revolved around Ardonirane. Yes, the
one from Death Test. And the Thorsz was the top guy. Well, him as the
Council of Thirteen. Thirteen wizards, that is. Though there's some rumors
that it's down to twelve. They've been in power for 435 years. Part of
that power comes from money. See, Ardonirane lies at the southern end of a
mountain chain (There's basically 2 plats rubbing against each other. In
the mountains, they collide, south of that, they colldie, but push each
other deeper). The city collects portage taxes both going into the city
and going out (so it's a better profit to deliver to the city than
anywhere else). Oddly enough, the army patrols the mountains and keeps
caravans out of it (not the official story, but an open secret). And
somehow no one had been able to establish Gate commerce past the city (I
keep waffling on whether I even want to allow Gates, but the backstory on
Gate commerce is in place anyway). The city is dvided into several
sections. There's the Palace, which is carved out of the mountains.
There's Highton, behind the stone wall. That's also a source of income
because the Thorsz owns it. If you want to live there, the best you can do
is lease. And the Thorsz can revoke the lease at any time. That's where
the ultra-rich live. There's Midton, which is the middle class area behind
a very stout log palisade. The trade route (which is walled, so you can't
slip goods past the tax booths) also borders it on the south. There's
Loeton, which is in the southwest, is the cleaner lower class part of
town. The south east has the Pitwash, which is the less-clean lower class
area. The docks are between those to the south. And there's a large area
to the northwest which is called Soldier's Round, where the mercenary
companies camp. The Thorsz is usually hriing for something or other.

To the east are the Old Countries (think Europe). To the west is all the
younger stuff (think Hyperborea). The Red Plains are to the immediate west
of Ardonirane. Most people think that the Thorsz has some agreements with
the orc tribes there, which is probably true. And most caravans will
'hire' (i.e. pay protection to) some orcs to guard their caravans.

And way, way, over to the west, is the Veil. Not safe to try to go there.
No one has come back. And not safe to have much to do with the very few
Veil-men who are out in the world.

And the movie was The Court Jester. You know, flagon with the dragon,
Glynis Johns, very young Angela Lansbuty in a tight cotehardie, like that
*snap*, etc.

Neil Gilmore

> Mmm. Without errata, GM's were spending all their downtime rolling job
> result dice millions of times for all NPCs in their worlds, and/or doing
> calculus to compute how mega-capable all their surviving geriatric
> employed people were. These GM's formed a secret society which eventually
> renamed their version of TFT to the RYE role-playing system (respect your
> elders, for they are all 80-point characters due to ill-considered
> mathematical/logical perverted consequences of the job table).
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