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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

Mmm. Without errata, GM's were spending all their downtime rolling job result dice millions of times for all NPCs in their worlds, and/or doing calculus to compute how mega-capable all their surviving geriatric employed people were. These GM's formed a secret society which eventually renamed their version of TFT to the RYE role-playing system (respect your elders, for they are all 80-point characters due to ill-considered mathematical/logical perverted consequences of the job table).

--- raito@raito.com wrote:

> That weekly roll is enough for one additional attribute or 1000 EP
> whichever
> is less according to the spacegamer 29 Steve Jackson's Designers Notes and
> Errata page 11.  So that keeps the silliness and system gaming down to a
> minimum.

Only if you had access to the errata.
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