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Re: (TFT) Simplified experience.

On Thu, 15 Aug 2013 10:28:35 -0700
Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com> wrote:

> HT wrote several games including a RPG after SJ... Trailblazer? 

Actually a Greg Costikyan design.

> So what did Steve Jackson do when Gary Gygax Says; " It would be no great
> task to devise an elaborate set of rules for
> highly complex individual combats with rounds of but a few seconds length.
> It would not be in the best interests of the game to do so however..."? A
> simple set of rules with few seconds in length pretty much flipping the
> sequence D&D gives. I think TFT was a D&D repair job... Talk about nobody
> playing the same game! 

It's pretty well-known that HT & SJ moved apart on how to deal with 
increasing complexity in TFT.  It's purely a subjective matter as to
where the line is.  I side much more closely with HT on this issue; I
see the Melee battles as abstractions of battles, and I've never used any
of the rule mods that have come through this list that seek to make the
battles more "accurate".  I'm fond of saying that TFT let me role-play
instead of roll-play, and I still feel that way.  To me even GURPS felt
overly detailed, though obviously it's been wildly successful so I may
be a small minority.  My D&D experiences overwhelmed me at times with
rolls and details while I'm thinking "Let's just get on with this."  TFT
let me get to the story without taking 20-30 mins just to dispatch a few

But then I'm weird like that.

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