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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

> . How did I get so screwed up?

Seriously? The musics playin as you type and you ask something like that
dude? lolo


You begin to see the point? Thanks to processes which we set at work in them
 centuries ago, they find it all but impossible to believe in the unfamiliar
 while the familiar is before their eyes. Keep pressing home on him the
 ordinariness of things. Above all, do not attempt to use science (I mean,
 real sciences) as a defence against Christianity. They will positively
 him to think about realities he can't touch and see. There have been sad
 among the modern physicists. If he must dabble in science, keep him on
 and sociology; don't let him get away from that invaluable "real life".
But the
 best of all is to let him read no science but to give him a grand general
 that he knows it all and that everything he happens to have picked up in
 talk and reading is "the results of modem investigation". Do remember you
 there to fuddle him. From the way some of you young fiends talk, anyone
 suppose it was our job to teach!
 Your affectionate uncle
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