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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

> But really any time you allow combined offensive and defensive actions
> you're going to give an advantage to high DX.
Uhhhhh... I guess... TFT does that. Sortta. 5 second turns... I realise
it's WAY easy to overestimate oneself when it comes to thinking about
physical rather than doing but I'm PRETTY sure my old broken down behind
might still be able too squeeze in a block after a cut in that time. Heck
on a good day...

See the link-o-rama and suggest if'n you have something particular as I
don't wanna makepoop twice i.e. just because writing up Musketeers dueling
(a bit formalized although one might allow ones opponet to retriev their
weapon if Tricked out exp to gain pts from Learn By Do as sparing would
crank back quite abit... I've been using an order of magnitude per die
Aramis was my fav
WAIT! First we must pray...

> Speaking of which, should the roll to defend perhaps be 4d6? 3d6 for
> fencers, maybe?
3d6 is full speed - half effort

2d6 is half speed/effort

1d6 half speed - no effort

4d6 full effort/speed

5d6 up over efforts

This has to do with a Figures MA and what options are available and what
are effects of how the Player is trying to move relative to the environment
i.e. controlled, precise footing while still making speed (tire drill),
charge, Sir Robin...
Stuff like no half speed charges, -DX mods over ST / -ST mod over DX, DX
checks at full speed for cuts/stops/jukes in direction, breaking stride,
focused footwork (picking exact square foot falls)
Miscellaneous erata like no pockets (jeans-like) full speed -DX mods half
speed to access

> I liked the idea of splitting DX for offense and defense, but it seems to
> create more problems, as well...
 Humanoids don't multitask
In TFT a 5 second turn is compounded from the advanced? scratch maybe as
its "advanced" ruleset not the combat being represented which is the same
"event" resolved differently. TFT is an intermediary between one check roll
to one atomic Action in the conscious humanoid perception hundredths of a
second perception tenths reaction.
Chr... Doctor Fuhrman has done the grunt work for TFT with his Melee
Simulator although I note that a number of these results are GREATLY
modified by Units in formation as the simulator is one on one match ups
idealized ergo no tactical positioning, terrain, etc...
Trying to deconstruct by rational that then build to TFT and have TFT build
to a Lords of the Underearth/Squad Leader specifically building Combat
Result Tables

Side note; Squad Leader was not AH developed, independent develop buy out
detail found in Whitebox/brownstone research... also found out I'm
apparently professional now! Whoot whoot! .... yeah...
It's in the link here... some VERY interesting speculation on the use of
stage improv exercises in early RPG development and other assundry mental
crunchy goodness like rules lawyers chasing the Grandfathers of God Gaming
off and deciding to create the role of Referee in response (I give 'em
Charters to play with and have Referee duties assigned by ownership/domain
of area (I forget, what lvl were Players required to build a stronghold?
Anyway, you built it YOU run the damn place is the idea... I've got ENOUGH
to do, G.O.D. sets up the sandbox and steps back the only inpartial
observer possible... Players popping QWF's round the table is a given but
this business of an analogue occuring through gameplay is just.... the
Little People are just eatting that stuff right up and coming back for
seconds.... BOYS FOR SALE! I'VE GOT BO... you know, I'd best shut that
shite up RIGHT now. Shame can't let munchkins play anymore. Great gooblies
what might that have made of me? Normal?!?!? There's really no place to
send me is there? LOL! I am invincable! FINALLY! Big Jay Is Above the Moral
Law! I can be willed into any afterlife and stand as an exception to s.o.p.
It takes a large bureaucracy to handle a Jay in the manner in which they
immagine... {Silly boy babbling away. What do you think Eschatological
Pantheistic Multiple-Ego Solipsism is for? Wallflowers? Here Son have a
petard... can you say kapow?)
Here's the verification of my raise in status
"Wesely replied:bAvalon Hillbs professional game designersb makes me
In 1965 they were down to (I think) three people who had admittedly
designed a number of games and were doing it for a living (one step up from
sleeping on the floor in the office and eating beans at every meal). AH had
gone bankrupt and been taken over by Monarch Avalon industries, whose
president , Eric Dott, saw a great future for Wargames and was willing to
keep the company going as a captive account to his printing business. They
really did not take off until 1969 when they bought Squad Leader, an
outside design. I loved the early AH games, but the skill level of the
people who were writing hobby games rules at the time was very low."
I feel so proud
This is a little ditty from the 60's that is claiming the old "turn the
sound down" exercise improv bit where each character has a student
responsible for giving voice when the character talks on screen. Pantomime
games were pretty popular parlor fare back when we only had 3 or 4 channels
or each other to stare at and paid our attention out in investments of
upwards of an hour and a half or even MORE!!! I KNOW HUH? And I served in
the infantry in PEACE TIME! Yes Virgina, there WAS a peace...
The Breaking Light Zone ep1 Burgess Meredith type in aftermath... clutching



   Information wants you to give me a dollar. b Bruce Sterling
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