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Re: (TFT) ever notice that the melee counters are wearing... (70's reference)


It WAS rhetorical? I kindda though it might be but it can be a little tough
to tell from font so's I sometimes take it as I readsz it and I....
whateverinthehell I do to a keyboard away at it really more as an exercise
as I avoided writing like the PLAGUE most my life and sortta screwed myself
with positioning, painted myself into a corner with this "I want to design
games and leave to the wora wa wa wa I ALMOST got quit of

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Joel BoardgameRpger <
joel.siragher@gmail.com> wrote:

> lol mystery solved. that was a rhetorical question.
> They were quite obviously stylized art.
> My favorite picture is the guy with out the face.
> >>unbabbled at by myself.
> Jay, man, what would we do with out you.
> :D
> <grins large> feel less superior as a group? Oh yeah, RHETORICAL! THINK
> Jay THINK! Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Yea ya ya but swap beach for river and nix the van. Jay quit driving ages
ago age meaning about a decade or so here... Maybe I should get "mobile"
How the Dude ended up the Dude in the first place
Martin summed it best
"I know her, she'd HATE that"
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