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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

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THIS VIDEO IS 100% POINTLESS!!!!.... there are several flaws in the
argument that bA softball is harder to hit than a baseballb.
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Jay Carlisle

eri4life2491 (Wormwood? Grima Wormtongue? it's b-b-by will alone I set my
mind) has spoken. So mote it be! But the best of all is to let him read no
science but to give him a grand general idea that he knows it all and that
everything he happens to have picked up in casual talk and reading is "the
results of modem investigation". Do remember you are there to fuddle him.
>From the way some of you young fiends talk, anyone would suppose it was our
job to teach! Your affectionate uncle SCREWTAPE
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Critical mass for a population group says you likely need all the Players
you can get for a groups long term prospects to improve... we ain't at
industrialized imagination YET, so people are the keys... and gates, which
reminds me of a Chinese joke (can't help it) a key that will open many
locks is called a master key but a lock that accepts many keys we just call
that slutty. I kinda paraphrased a bit at the end but you get the jist of
it no? Okay you see Gozar... nevermind there is too much I sum up.
How tiny was it man?

Jay Carlisle **

b" 4 days


I start digging... that's a VERY old rub from RPG's back in the day. It
indicated that I think you've got nothing at all beneath the surface worked
up and the crap that is produced from the nethers of many a GM when his
campaign has just been no-clipped by a simple Action. I often use Earth for
exactly this reason when the gameworld is framed such that Players have
free reign on they're free will so to speak and the reference material is
vital to cover goodness knows WHAT they'll start out trying to do and the
environment settles down into a kind of story built through play not
written before play. A story tagged onto a participatory activity makes a
mockery of Player freewill while presenting the illusion of effective
choice in the moment of play. This isn't trying to take away a thing from
this excellent work. He provided so much more than a simple backdrop for
his baseball leagues (ever hear of eschatological pantheistic multiple-ego
solipsism?) but mapping is SOOOOO much more at the same time...


He's not done yet, so there's that, and he's not a RPG Player so he doesn't
need the same things sparked from his Island Nation as a swords and soccery
gameworld might and a deep space campaign needs many worlds, thankfully
fuzzy abstracts until a Players ability as an affecting observer in this
world carries over to the imaginative one and details the GM didn't think
of from the Players perspective require either reference to detail
preexisting or make something up with too much of the latter killing
suspension of disbelief. Or something like that...
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    Jay Carlisle
   b" 3 days

   Computer trolls are still the worst.

   28 up votes, im wondering if computers up voted you....lol.

   Jay Carlisle  lopan b" 4 days agoHave you seen maps from a thousand years
   ago? Folks today think manufactured and wal mart when they think of a
   tool... a k-spot back? No sucha thing. Could well be star charts,
   multi-dimensional cyber enhanced and assisted allowing visualization of 4
   maybe 5 or more dimensions in the human mind and allowing say an 8 room
   house to fold in on itself such that all 8 rooms fold into a single room
   three dimensionally but are separated by 4d space with a Tardis-like
   effect. Wanna read the map of the mega-complex constructed thusly? Think
   you'd recognize it as such? Notice the ruins everywhere, many of ancestors
   we've completely lost all memory of... stop useing 2d print maps and it's
   not so long before it gets questionable if it'd be seen as a map I think.1
    2 b"Editb"Replyb"Share b:Avatarm12345  Jay Carlisle b" 3 days
agoWhomever is
   Jay carlisle programmer know this, a cancer on my right testicle would be
   more capable than you will ever be in programming a bot.
   I have seen some bots, some are vastly superior to yours, sponsored by
   government, but its been a long time since i have seen one so bad. You
   be starting out in this obsession. Good luck with that.
   Note to editors: he is a bot.

    Uhhhh  too many stylized Tolkinesque freehand pretty's maybe? Not
   raggin per say cause I use 'em. Mostly they go to players with various and
   sundry errors or copies of old early-mid sixteenth century maps... really
   rrrreallllly poorly drawn... drawn in charcoal... Duke Ching's coral
   Dragon... polynesian stick charts. ... Shrimp cocktail.... Shrimp Poboy...
   Shrimp Spam Spam OKAY Okay you get it. I can do lots and lots of different
   "maps" but I ain't plotting courses on the fly pages of a paperback LotR
   now am I?

    long story short. If I wan't too talk about the size of small I'm
   jumping on the recursive train conducted by Mr Mobius, Epimenides
   engineering , Douglas Hofstadter and Rudy Rucker Trainmen (Jay hoboing
   trying to find Rockcandy Mountian) This is a no stops express straight to
   miscomunication town by way of
    "The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence was false."
   junction and we're on our way to visit Uncle Tom who won't let us in
   because we're not there yet and we always end up in the same routine
   "So Jon found this glassblowers when they went down to Cali and got this
   little dragon."
   "How little man?"
   Natural language is like Natural Ice when it comes to precise accuracy
   in areas like that BUT we are not getting diddly squat for this beyond
   entertainment, entertainment, entertainment I tell you, no dead sheep on
   the wall, come to think on it how many beers could I've.... your gonna go
   LOT further in motley that your cap and gown toward entertaining (furthrer
   maybe TOO far)

    Frank'npooter stop being bad or your going to get the villagers
   attention your supposed to look out for me and not jkust let every vapid
   whisp of a queefed out fart of a thought on out sphincter for me brother
   sphincter I meaan just look at this shit...
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