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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

"This really seems like the kind of thing that should be a group project.
Everyone wants something a little different, so unless some form of
consensus is reached, only the person that wrote the thing is going to be
pleased with it."

Wa? Eh!?     what was that? but... no, No NO! It could not be... yet...
 h... h,help? Really? 1,2,3,4,5... 6?

So I did a couple of things owing just to this issue
I gave up the idea of "wargame" ah la Jay as writer sets limits and bounds,
describes building blocks, defines terms and procedures, and points to
reference and gives suggestive examples and gets the G.O.D. role outta the
way mostly (role as information helpdesk lessens over time) although
responsible for GM Figure and any characters/family line being played (who
has Crusader Kings II?)
I also have an eye toward translation (not me don't think putters will
catch me afore it's moot but that's me thinkin so you know) I get there
best by tieing force to ST that mods by simple machine tools for hand
weapons and ST powered missiles, and chemical,atomic,magical (magic source
described for this kind of thing vacuum genesis is pretty conceptually
clean and fractional reserve make it up as you go open flexible... blood
would be a example that gets into... considerations tells very different
Deep Magic story through play)

I use Illuminati principals for laying out and dynamically adding Action
elements like att to control or neutralize or making a new group and this
scales down to personal NPC's etc in social "network"
here's a Unit:
Now then the mob is it's own slime mould with its own awareness and overall
schedule and... let's just say smart phone as synapse is... ever read The
Moon is a Harsh Mistress? Cell Theory Conway's Life looms large in Downtime
Anyway you get a Population that needs to be fed etc. and unless you start
caveman (goal build first city) you've got some structure already in place
if Figure is in a Leader position and can play to build power structures in
open styles or if other frames include it ST is in foot pounds converted to
whatever you'd like as raw unit that can be shaped and directed with
various methods or constructs and tied to HP for encumberance so swapping a
load from back onto vehicle is not brain and real-world data/stuff drops
onto a scaled map pretty smooth. Scale also allows footprints of buildings
and Units and their formation and body relative measure lets one man zoc
his hex with a half dozen clown caring it in a 1.3m hex and body relative
gives equipment size for armor/clothes/can I fit that? questions and breaks
down to head sized regions that serve the dice and anatomy texts/apps very
well... if Jays picking it up... an interest in medical/biological will get
attention here even if I have to do this for monsters now... anybody like
guts? Bleeding is... fun... sigh, and it makes those wriststraps work or
weapons drop easier in a figh that bleeds down the swordarm with mods for
say shark leather wrapped grips etc as well making weapons sorta modularly
improvable that increases over time/tech research
So in short you sort it, order it, equip it, train it, lead it, order it
and can fight with it too and can use a favorite wargame or even computer
depending on what your shooting for of course... I'm not god... nobody is,
that's not a name at all, I can be a wise arse from time to time though and
have been known to copulate with the proverbial canine on occasion and
flea'd myself and damn near wrecked myself I didn't and I don't and I don't
get all itchy for it... still a smart arse though
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