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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

Mountains and forests... still gets me....weird timing abounds and my music
likes to speak to me... birds, dogs, and cats... wtf is that all about?
Anyway I don't even believe how spot on this one was... as close as the
second of The Gunners Dream by Floyd basically bandsmen to clansmen and
it's today "I didn't think the laser show music was REAL" but this gets to
swap cry for laugh... thanks Joni, Wizards at three stick together and you
covered me with that one... Hard to .laugh at some of it but slapping a
solar flare and dropping a transformer on their faebookakie heads on the
digitize all books now post was almost silly fun... cept I'z not on
conceptual;planet theory I'z lookin up Earth and that's got a disconcerting
thing going on for some reason... I'm rooted in pen and paper, that'll do.
The rest is gravy and icing and kangaroo free wine. But if people quit
paying attention to information how to you get 'em to play with it?
Attention with these is hard to get and keep it seems to me... period on
that as I've noticed nothing that's caught and held it for a hour long TV
show much less a movie, not that I've REALLY looked that much but I have
some amount of trouble in the infrequent sessions I get these days and was
curious if'n that's just me?
Stuck in the cuckoos nest with a computer huh?
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