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(TFT) Dopey tavern names.... version .01

Typical Random tavern name generator. Pizza menu style

one from column a, one from b, and one from c

Please send name/corrections for the table

Cloister and place really dont fit that well.  I need more third column

Heres a clever random that came up in teh spreadsheet:
Mister Strumpet inn... a place for midnight cowboys i wonder?   :D

Blue Lantern Tavern Astral Hare Inn   Mister Cushion Tavern  Trotting Bard
Bar  Seven Strumpet Saloon  Green Claymore Tavern  Sunken Nobel Inn  Stone
Soldier Inn  Jumping Soldier Inn

1 ,Galloping Goblet Bar  2 ,Trotting Pony Bar  3, Dancing Cup Cloister  4,
Jumping Horse Cloister  5, Old Drum Inn  6, Yellow Strumpet Inn  7, Blue
Bard Inn  8, Green Dragon Place  9, Sour Stallion Place  10, Dented Claymore
Saloon  11, Old Ivy Saloon  12, Crystal Coach Saloon  13, Astral Wastrel
Tavern  14, Fat Cushion Tavern  15, Ruby Tomato Tavern  16, Wasted Flagon
Inn  17, Comfort Goblin Inn  18, Beddy Sow Inn  19, Drunken Soldier Inn  20,
Silver Cushion Inn  21, Quiet Apron Bar  22, Seven Maids Bar  23, Sunken
Lantern Cloister  24, Hobbled Hobbit Cloister  25, Broken Guard Inn  26,
Whitewashed McDonalds Inn  27, Seated Hare Inn  28, Bald Anvil Place  29,
Stone Hoof Place  30, Gibbering Torch Saloon  31, Drunken Warf Saloon  32,
Running Nobel Saloon  33, Dusty Saddle Tavern  34, Rusty Nose Tavern  35,
Plaid Skupper Tavern  36, Buckled Bow Yard  37, Fast Beacon Yard  38, Mister
Pig Inn  39, sleeping Cow Inn  40, Pike Anvil Inn
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