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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

I wouldn't say so. Craps is craps. I've played craps in TFT, until I was tired of gambling silver. Sometimes metaphors just confuse the issue, rather than make it clearer. But yes, playing with how the dice can be used can be an interesting and handy way to make rules, if you can come up with something that actually has the effect you think it has.

I don't like "pay fatigue to defend better" house rules, because I don't believe that there are many real-life actions which would have any correspondence to using about 1/10th one's energy in five seconds, and achieve a better chance to avoid getting hurt, unless you are talking about throwing all your weight into a large object, such as knocking over a tree or mattress or large table towards your attacker. All of which require a specific large terrain feature to be in the right place, and probably require the defender to drop their weapon. "Parryin' real hard" or "real careful-like" or "taking an extra half-step" is not something that I can believe is going to cost even one point of fatigue. I CAN see it precluding attacking, or reducing the chances of getting an attack in, but not draining strength at an extreme rate.

As for the running thread with the gratuitous sexual metaphor and the challenge to respond, I have responded at least once, probably years ago. Again, I get your point and agree, except TFT is not The Running Trip, combat movement is not necessarily the same thing as a footrace, GURPS has more detailed rules both for combat movement and for running races (though it mistakenly ignores stride length, probably for balance reasons, but in the latest edition you could just directly buy speed), and of course you can improve the rules till it matches your taste. However most of this list is people who prefer TFT over even basic GURPS, so good luck convincing people here that they need complex foot race mechanics.

--- maou.tsaou@gmail.com wrote:


Y'all realize it's all craps right? Just more or less dice on the curve and
that puppy gets flat flat flat around... call it a fist full of dice.

Let the player gamble their own way. They know what their Stats are and
have a good idea of what the "target" number is so if they wanna throw a
low percentage risk and a chunk of fatigue on a check it's their call.

Don't forget the cover mechanic that lets a Player swap an extra die
(there's an advantage in throwing 5 dice say and picking the three you'd
like such as the aces to hit as well by the by) from out of their "hand" to
replace a die in their opponents roll, a 6 for a 1 say... and fST effort
dice can also allow a little extra in positioning like reach, pushing, or
even that extra half step before getting set to get lane positioning and
pick up that foul...
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