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(TFT) Lets try this a different way: Request for comments

First some quick info:
I saw ken st andre and rick loomis (of flying buffalo)  at Gencon. We
are getting oolder but hanging in there i suppose. Liz Dansforth is
not doing so well, but healing slowly. I also met Robin Laws. Yes, he
has an Aura. I missed Mike Stackpole by a few hours. I saw laura and
tracey hickman but didnt get a chance to get their autographs. They
had a booth. So did larry Elmore. I didnt get a chance to get his auto
graph either.

Back to Business:

Hello chaps. I though id make this easier rather than 'gimme encounter tables'.

I have a list of monsters in my TFT sheet.
If you dont mind, look at the list and make an entry for a critter.
The entry should look like this:

Crittername-blah blah blah.
Found in what type of terrain: wilderness, rough, desert
#appearing   ( 1, 1-2, x to y,  2d6 etc )
Special: poison, ice spell, entangle (stuff in the HaOw book)
Treasure (pocket, pouch, lair, lair x2 etc, other notation is fine.)
Notes: hates humans or elves, or drinks blood, ST/4 vs poison:effect
ST-2 for 2 hours

Also, if you want any player races added then please let me know.

So here are the entries that need populating. Pick one and send me the
info. you dont have to do the whole thing.

Black Bear
Boar, Giant
Boar, Wild
Broo (rune quest)
Grizzly Bear
Lizard, Giant
Myrmidon, Summoned
Reptile man
Reptile man, Underearth
Snake, Giant
Spider, Giant
Uruk Hai
Walktapi (rune quest)
Wolf, Summoned

Would you like to see other monsters in the table?  Please ask me to
add your favorite.

Thank you for aiding and abetting my rp addiction.
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