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(TFT) Targeting Horses and their Riders

Just a question:

When you guys play with men on horseback, how do you handle attacks against them?

I've been treating them as separate targets, you get to choose which to attack. While this ultimately works out fine it does feel a little weird, especially for missile attacks.

In that mass combat (100 troops aside) battle I did, a common strategy (realistic to an extent but a bit too effective) was to have your archers shoot at the horses who were less armored (no shields, for one) than their riders and relatively easy to kill with a mass of arrows. This resulted in cavalry not lasting very long.

It did create some interesting strategy in charges, though. Whether to target the knight (and maybe take out a powerful unit) or target the horse (and basically just make that unit ineffective for a turn and less mobile for the rest) could be a hard choice.
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