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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

That's a neat, interesting, and relevant story. How tired were you after
attacking him at 11/10 for fifteen minutes? And how much of a role would
you say that physical condition has on rate of fatigue? Speaking for
myself, in my 40's and not in very good condition at the moment, I 
notice that swishing my full-weight broadsword through the air a few 
times results in fatigue I can feel, though I wouldn't say it affected
performance yet.

And, I wonder what you'd say about your experience with the effect of
carried weight and armor ventilation have on fatigue rate, or the
effect of air temperature or humidity?

Of course, I notice in your story that you are talking about fifteen
minutes of fighting, and him being tired but not incapacitated.
Fifteen minutes being 15 x 60/5 = 180 TFT turns, a literal TFT 
mechanic would give maybe a 1/20th chance of 1 fatigue per turn for
all-out defending in that situation.

Which makes me wonder too, if you had fought him with real weapons 
and armor, how long do you think it would have been before he fell
from wounds?


--- raito@raito.com wrote:


I have a stick-fighting story here. Once upon a time, we had a guy who was
pretty new. He'd just passed his authorization test and got his card
(meant he could fight in tournaments). At the next practice, I joked that
we didn't need to take it easy on him any more. He said,"I'd like that".
So I said OK. We hit the field, and for the next fifteen minutes or so, I
turned it up to 11. I doubt that I even bruised him, because all I turned
up was the intensity, not the power. I don't think he even got off a
single blow, because part of the exercise was for me to either shut him
down before he got started, or hit him before he moved. He got tired.
Notice that he got tired without making a single attack. So in my
experience, it's entirely possible to tire oneself out while doing nothing
by defending.
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