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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

Did my Black belt testing a year and half ago at the age of 45. The test consisted of 5 days of 3-4 hours each night doing EVERYTHING we are suppose to know.

Day 1: 3 mi run with stations to do 200 pushups, 200 situps, 50 yards duck walk, 20 pullups, 25 yards mountain climbers Men had a time limit of 45 mins, Women had 50 mins. Day 2: 1 mi run, 5 mins jump rope, 200 pushups, 200 situps, ALL Techniques Both sides (left and right) x 5-10 times each side just over 3 1/2 hours with 1 break of 5 mins every 45 mins
Day 3:    Same PT as Day 2, ALL Self-Defense & Escape Techniques 5 times
Day 4: Same PT as Day 2, ALL Kata's - basically 12 different Kata's most 5 times, some 7-10 times Day 5: FIGHT NIGHT - 20 rounds, 5 mins per round, between rounds we got just enough time for the next person to step in, we got a 30s break every 4 rounds and we got a 2 min break after the 16th Round and 19th Round.

Day 1 - 4 were hard, but typically after the 3-4 hours was just "WINDED" and sweaty. Recovery was typically about 30 mins to feeling normal and an hour to feeling good. Day 5 MOST PHYSICALLY DEMANDING THING I HAVE EVER DONE. Winded after 15 mins, tired after 30 mins and we were only a 1/3 of the way done. At the half way mark I was disoriented and mind-numb. By the time I finished I was in a trance. I can not remember much of the belt tying or congratulations that went around. I see pictures and to this day don't recall doing the things I can clearly see in the picture. My mind and body were both numb and thinking was challenging. After almost an hour and half of recovery time I was functional but should not have driven myself home. I had an hour drive and I do not recall anything other than one instance where an eighteen wheeler tried to side-swipe me wanting in my lane. Other than that I do not recall unpacking the car, showering or getting into bed.

I would think in full armor and a heavy sword most people would last 10-15 minutes after that I would think that fatigue would start setting in and increase every 5-10 mins thereafter. But I think that you also reach that you just keep doing without thinking and that can go on for some time. I can tell you my 20th fight (1 hour and 16 mins of actual fight time) would have been nothing if I had not had the 2 min rest before it started. As it was, I could barely lift my arms and legs to hit and kick. I would think that in full Armor and Weapons you might get 30 mins of decent fighting before there would a reduction in your ability to deal damage.

Anyway, like the discussions that have been really active the past two weeks. Been awhile since there had been as much activity.

An original Fugly Brother

On 8/23/2013 2:07 PM, PvK wrote:
That's a neat, interesting, and relevant story. How tired were you after
attacking him at 11/10 for fifteen minutes? And how much of a role would
you say that physical condition has on rate of fatigue? Speaking for
myself, in my 40's and not in very good condition at the moment, I
notice that swishing my full-weight broadsword through the air a few
times results in fatigue I can feel, though I wouldn't say it affected
performance yet.

And, I wonder what you'd say about your experience with the effect of
carried weight and armor ventilation have on fatigue rate, or the
effect of air temperature or humidity?

Of course, I notice in your story that you are talking about fifteen
minutes of fighting, and him being tired but not incapacitated.
Fifteen minutes being 15 x 60/5 = 180 TFT turns, a literal TFT
mechanic would give maybe a 1/20th chance of 1 fatigue per turn for
all-out defending in that situation.

Which makes me wonder too, if you had fought him with real weapons
and armor, how long do you think it would have been before he fell
from wounds?


--- raito@raito.com wrote:


I have a stick-fighting story here. Once upon a time, we had a guy who was
pretty new. He'd just passed his authorization test and got his card
(meant he could fight in tournaments). At the next practice, I joked that
we didn't need to take it easy on him any more. He said,"I'd like that".
So I said OK. We hit the field, and for the next fifteen minutes or so, I
turned it up to 11. I doubt that I even bruised him, because all I turned
up was the intensity, not the power. I don't think he even got off a
single blow, because part of the exercise was for me to either shut him
down before he got started, or hit him before he moved. He got tired.
Notice that he got tired without making a single attack. So in my
experience, it's entirely possible to tire oneself out while doing nothing
by defending.
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