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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

> I would think in full armor and a heavy sword most people would last
> 10-15 minutes after that I would think that fatigue would start setting
> in and increase every 5-10 mins thereafter.  But I think that you also
> reach that you just keep doing without thinking and that can go on for
> some time.  I can tell you my 20th fight (1 hour and 16 mins of actual
> fight time) would have been nothing if I had not had the 2 min rest
> before it started.  As it was, I could barely lift my arms and legs to
> hit and kick.  I would think that in full Armor and Weapons you might
> get 30 mins of decent fighting before there would a reduction in your
> ability to deal damage.

Actually, having done more traditional martial arts (as well as some
full-contact stuff way back in the early 80's), I find that it takes a lot
LESS energy to spar with swords than fists and feet (savate and TKD here).
And to me it makes some sense. The weapon is a multiplier, and it takes
less energy for me to swing a sword than to throw a punch or kick. And
punching and kicking takes less energy than grappling. Oddly enough, I
find that modern fencing is more fatiguing than wearing armour, probably
because of the lunge. I know that I am effective with a stick in armour
for far longer than I would be kicking and punching or grappling.

Then again, I've specifically trained to fight like an old man, since even
before I was one.

> Anyway, like the discussions that have been really active the past two
> weeks.  Been awhile since there had been as much activity.

Me, too.

Neil Gilmore
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