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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

Thanks Neil.

Sure, that makes sense. I just tend to want a TFT-like combat system to
be more on the literal side, and while I can imagine some actions
taking an entire point of fatigue, there aren't many defensive actions
I can see doing that, and especially not many planned defensive actions,
where the figure is intending to be super-defensive and therefore using
a lot of extra fatigue, unless it's something that's really active, 
such as the furniture moves I mentioned, or maybe attacking the enemy's
weapon aggressively, or leaping away. Or situations you mentioned such 
as wrestling. It seems to me that maybe, maybe, a really heavy parry or 
block effort might take that much fatigue, but I think that would only
happen in reaction to a particular attack situation, not as part of a
plan to defend extra hard for a while, before one even knows how or if
one is coming under attack. I suppose I'd like it better if it were 
that if you knew the opponent had just rolled a hit, you could use a
fatigue to roll 3/DX yourself and if you make it, you add a die to 
their roll (or maybe, a die for every 3 points by which you made your

But ya I'm literal-minded that way about tactical rules, and I get that 
not everyone is.

--- raito@raito.com wrote:


The rate may be off, but then we don't really deal in sub-unit increments.

However, expending more energy than normal to acheive larger effect is
something I do all the time. ...

And I've had similar experiences in other sports. ...

Another way to look at fatigue is not that each point is some fraction of
ST, but how long it takes to recover. 15 minutes per point means that
using 12 fatigue takes 3 hours to recover. Seems about right to me.

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