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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

Hey, I'm pretty literal, too. Just not to the point of wanting to model
every body movement.

And it's usually not a block or parry itself that is what's taking the
effort, it's the body movement. As for 'planned' defensive maneuvers, that
doesn't happen much. Most of the ones that eat energy are the unplanned
ones. So in that sense, planning to use fatigue for defense during a
particular turn doesn't make much sense. But there is definitely some
times when extra energy goes into defense. Whether it was worth it or not
is the question. I can burn energy into extra defense when I fight, which
usually means body movement of some sort. And I mean intra-hex movement,
nothing like moving from hex to hex. If they'd miss me anyway, I blew the
extra energy for no reason.

Neil Gilmore
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