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Re: Dodging arrows (was: Re: (TFT) Targeting Horses and their Riders)

Hmm. I agree that TFT Dodge represents being evasive and committing to doing
that whether you're attacked or not, I also think that in reality, you can see
some attacks coming and take extra action to avoid specific attacks, even if
you can't move out of the way in the time between launch and impact, because
the attacker's aiming is a process which takes some time too.

I think the TFT phase sequence isn't meant to be taken literally, as people
moving without fighting, then all taking fighting actions. I.e. especially 
for figures who start engaged, they have 5 seconds of fighting, and certainly 
could move around quite a bit during that time. I think the phase system is
an abstract way of organizing events in a turn which is designed to have end
results that are similar to what might happen if you did something much more
detailed about tracking movements and actions in time and space.

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 8:08 AM, Lloyd <laweber3@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Perhaps these are the reasons TFT requires choosing the Dodge option as a
> part of the movement phase, prior to the action phase, thus prior to
> knowing whether an arrow will even be let lose. There is no requirement to
> dodge into an adjacent hex during the action phase because that would be an
> impossibly/improbably quick movement.
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